Church of Christ Written in Heaven, Inc. 

Bishop Willie J. Jones 

      Presiding Prelate ChiefApostle  

    November 18-21, 2021


It is with gladness of heart, that we welcome you to join us for a virtual experience in honor of our 82nd Annual Convocation. 

It is by faith that we have come this far, and it is by faith that we will continue through this trying time. Please govern yourselves accordingly.  

We are asking that all Dioceses that would like to participate in this virtual experience to submit a 

greeting representing your Church/Dioceses.  

Please follow the guidelines below  


2021 Annual Convocation Live Stream Participants Guidelines: 

All recordings must be carried out in a well-lighted area. 

All recordings must be carried out while wearing Civic Attire or Church position attire. National Women’s Department, National Mother is asking you to dress accordingly to Friday Night”s White attire. 


All recordings must be sent to Brother Jared Miller 


Note: If file size is too large  

Send file via. Cloud service (Dropbox; google) 

Files can also be sent by  

Uploading to external storage (Flash drive) 

And sent to the address listed below. 

Jared Miller 1940 N.W. 2nd Court Miami, FL 33136 

We look forward to working with you in making this Virtual Convocation a Success. 

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