Holy General Convocation Canellation Letter

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General Headquarters - Waycross, Georgia 


 “Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.” – Acts 20:28 KJV


Sunday, July 12, 2020



To the Beloved Church of Christ Written in Heaven,


Grace, mercy and peace be multiplied unto you from God our Father through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In the wake of COVID-19, we all have had to make some major adjustments in the way that we operate in ministry, business and life. This has been a continuous learning experience for us all. It is very evident that the times and systems around the world are rapidly changing, but we have the assurance that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forevermore.  Therefore, we must not respond to this pandemic with fear. We must look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. He has kept and will continue to keep us. Nevertheless, using wisdom, I want to admonish you to continue abiding by all health guidelines and regulations.


As your Presiding Prelate, I am charged with the responsibility of ensuring that I take every precaution to protect you as best as I possibly can especially during these challenging times.  Our Lord Jesus according to Matthew 9:36 he was moved with compassion when he saw the state of the multitudes, “because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd.” Beloved, as it was with Christ, so it is with me. As I look upon all that is happening in the world and the state of the saints during this pandemic my heart is moved with compassion. Therefore, after meeting with the members of the Executive Board, it has been decided to CANCEL THE GENERAL CONVOCATION 2020.


Instead The Executive Board has resolved the following:



  1. Resolved, that a virtual fellowship will be conducted throughout the National body on


National Mother’s Annual Day – Friday, November 6, 2020 streams at 7:00p.m.

National Youth President Address – Saturday, November 7, 2020 streams at 7:00p.m.

Presiding Bishop’s Annual Address – Sunday, November 8, 2020 streams at 11:00a.m.


More information forthcoming!


  1. Resolved, Reports from all meetings (i.e., District Meetings, and State Convocations) are still to be sent to the General Church. Also, Diocesan reports which are usually reported during the Convocation should be turned into the General Church. The Executive Board are asking all members to send their love offerings to our National Mother and Presiding Bishop on their Official day. Electronic giving is being developed, until then; please forward all checks, or money orders via mail.



By God’s grace we will see you all soon. Until then, may the grace of God and the sweet communion of the Holy Spirit be with you now and evermore. Amen.


In His Service,                   


                                                   Bishop Willie J. Jones                                                                                                                                

Presiding Prelate & Chief Apostle         

Church of Christ Written In Heaven, Inc.

 Fourth in Succession


+Anthony T. Screen, Executive Broad Secretary


P.S.  Executive Board request that Diocese Bishops and Superintendents, Presiding Elders

       Be responsible for the Love Offerings for our National Mother and Presiding Bishop.

       Diocese Bishops see that copies are given to the Pastors, and membership.

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