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A vision statement indicates the  'PANAROMIC VIEW" of what we are constantly striving to reach. Therefore, our Vision for the National Education Department is:

  • To help educate a community of servant believers; grounded in the Word of God; trained and equipped to witness to the world; committed to one another in service; and bonded together by our love for Jesus Christ as described in the GREAT COMMANDMENT  (Matthew 28:16-20)..

  • To help fulfill the GREAT COMMISSION (Matthew 28:18-20)

Through a five (5) part process of 

education, demonstration, impartation, evaluation and 

and application. Christ educated his 

disciples, Christ imparted into his disciples, Christ evaluated their faithfulness and , Christ sent his disciples to apply what they had

been taught.



A Mission statement indicates

specifically what activities we need 

to do that will help Church of Christ Written In Heaven, Inc. reach our vision. Therefore the Mission of the

National Education Department is:

  • To teach God's Word through a variety of educational strategies

including (but not limited to)

workshops, seminars, book studies,

panel discussions, dramatizations,

and on- going biblical knowledge


  • To train and equip God's people for

service in all areas of minstry

(Bishop, Pastor, Evangelist, Prophet 

and Teacher) and encourage them

to be life-long learners of the bible.

  • To train leaders how to teach our 

children, youth and adults to grow 

spiritually in all things pertaining to

life, death and eternity.


1.) Dr. Elmira P. Davis, President

2.) Dr. Chinesta Smith, Vice President

3.) Elder Judy Alston, Instructor

4.) Bishop Lloyd Cartwright. Instructor

5.) Pastor Faye Cooper, Instructor & Research Assistant

6.) Pastor Stacy Sawyer, Instructor 

7.) Bishop Herbert Story, Instructor

8.) Elder Linda Long-Miller, National Nurse

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